Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance - Is it necessary ?

Imagine this scenario: you've booked six months in advance, paid in full and a catastrophe occurs, such as bereavement, illness or loss of job.
Having holiday insurance will give you and your family peace of mind if nothing else. If you're absolutely positive that nothing could change your plans and you'll never get sick or have an accident, then you may choose not to bother with insurance.

Everyone else, however, should strongly consider it.


On Arrival At Grantley Adams International Airport

On arrival in Barbados all passports will be required for examination and a valid return ticket. In addition, please double check your completed customs declaration form which you will be given during your flight, as this also has to be presented with your passports when clearing immigration in Barbados.

If you are not a citizen of the Caribbean Community, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom you are expected to obtain a visa before travelling to Barbados.

If you have any questions upon reaching Barbados, there is a Visitor's information booth located in the baggage collection hall of the Grantley Adams International Airport. There you will also find information on accommodation, attractions and free island maps and brochures of Barbados.

Grantley Adams Airport
What to pack

What to wear - What type of attire will I need to pack?

Daytime attire is practically a uniform: Swimwear underneath shorts and t-shirt, or loose casual clothing with a sun hat. Mosquito repellent for during the day and evening is recommended to keep them at bay.

Generally, it really doesn't get any fancier than that. It is important to dress appropriately if planning on visiting the bank or supermarket; it is preferred that you are suitably covered.
Depending on where you are spending your evenings, smart/casual clothing are the rule of thumb, however if you have that special evening outfit to show off somewhere like The Sandy Lane Hotel or The Cliff, you will not feel out of place there.

Please note that in Barbados it is illegal to wear green cargo/combat clothing. This is the official Barbados Defence Force uniform for their personnel only and may be confiscated if worn.




Keeping in touch with family and friends whilst in Barbados can be easily achieved by using a pre-paid telephone card. There are two types, one which you can use from the comfort of your room/apartment, and the other can be used at any public telephone booth around the island.

Alternatively, if you are travelling with your mobile telephone from home, and have the America’s roaming facility you may find it will automatically track a local service provider e.g. Digicel or Cingular Wireless allowing you to make telephone calls from your mobile.
However, please check with your mobile phone company to confirm any additional charges that may apply. Internet services are also readily available at various locations. For business travellers local internet service providers provide dial-up access at reasonable rates. Post offices can be found in all parishes across the island. Stamps are sold at various locations. All postcards and letters to UK require BDS1.75 stamp to be classed as priority mail.


Barbados Dollar

Barbados Currency - Money & Banking

The Barbados dollar (BDS) is the official currency. The notes are issued in 6 denominations;

  • $2 (blue)
  • $5 (green)
  • $10 (brown)
  • $20 (purple)
  • $50 (orange)
  • $100 (grey)

Barbados coins in circulation are the one cent, five cents, ten cents (like the UK 5p), 25 cents and the dollar coin (like the UK 50p).

The exchange rate for the Barbados dollar is about $1.98BDS to US$1 for cash at most banks. All rates of exchange for other currencies vary from day to day. Banks open from Monday - Thursday between the hours of 8am - 3pm, and on Fridays between the hours of 8am - 5pm. Banks located at shopping centres generally operate from 10am - 7pm Monday - Thursday, and 10am - 8pm on Fridays. There are plenty of ATM/cash point machines which accept all major credit cards.

Health Care

Health Services

Barbados has a good health care system which is available for both citizens and tourists, the island has a large array of private and public facilities, the primary ones being the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Bay View Hospital in St Michael, and The Sandy Crest Medical Centre in Holetown, St James.

Barbados also has a number of polyclinics that are effectively decentralized and many private medical practitioners which can be found in the Barbados Telephone Directory.


Tipping - What is the rule of thumb for tipping?

Tipping in Barbados is not compulsory, however most holidaymakers like to leave a tip.

Most hotels and restaurants add a 10% service charge to their bills; therefore in this instance tipping is discretionary. If there is no service charge on the bill, tipping at 10% is acceptable.

Tipping rates for taxis are also discretionary.



Departure Tax is already included in airline ticket

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